Morse code practice sound light unit. DIY kit easy build with on board key


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This is a DIY kit you have to solder the components. A nice classroom project that can be followed up with practical Morse code operation

Ideal for introduction to Morse code. On board micro key or connect an external key. Can be used with our Poldhu micro key to do two communication. For use in a classroom situation switch to light operation. I have included 5 cards with the kit – see the picture.
If you require bulk purchases  of ready made units please contact me.
Ideal for fund raising get children to work out their name in Morse code and put into a raffle for a Morse code unit at the end.
Younger children should be supervised as the unit contains a battery.
With the power switched off this can also be used as an effective key for PIxie / Yaesu  low voltage transmitters .
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The sounder requires a CR2025 button cell battery – not supplied
Ideal for portable operation. Alternatively, an external 3 volt power supply can be fitted via the 2 pin header connector .
You will require female header leads to connect.
Not recommended for use on mains transmitters.

Instructions Morse Code Buzzer / Light

Solder the External Key 3.5mm jack socket. Ensure the two locating lugs fit in the holes on the board and the socket is flat to the board,
Solder the two switches for power and Light / Sound
Solder the LED ensure that the flat on the LED aligns with the silk screen on the board
Solder the terminal block for external key
Solder the Buzzer, this is polarity sensitive the + is towards the top of the board
Solder the Battery Holder. The clip is towards the top of the board
If you prefer an external power supply then a two pin header can be fitted for external battery 3 volt DC supply.
Solder the Micro Switch Morse key.
Fit the four feet to protect surfaces.
Battery is 2025 or 2032 or external 3volts DC

If you want to use the key to drive an external transcever ensure that the power is switch to the off position. Power is only used to drive the LED or the Buzzer.

The key should be used only with low voltage transmitters ( 13.8 volt or under) I have used this with the Yaesu FT-817 and the MFJ range of transmitters. Please check the key is wired correctly for you particular model. The wiring of the plug is tip and ring shorted together and the key is across these terminals and the sleeve. Alternately you can connect the terminal block pins to you transmitter.

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